Smooth Sailing…mostly

by Lance Laughlin

With the FirstFlight assignment I got tasked a few things I haven’t really dealt with before: GitHub and IRC. Having heard of both of these in the past but never really having a hands on opportunity to learn them, I was eager to dive in.

I had little to no trouble setting up the IRC system. The one problem I’m still having is registering my username. I’ve tried the command multiple times but I can never get it to go through apparently. I’ll have to come back to this soon. I’ve poked around the IRC channel a bit and have had some minor discussions. I’m hoping I can contribute a bit more once I learn Python.

As far as GitHub…I have zero experience with GitHub. I’ve heard of it and I had a vague idea of what it did; however, after reading some of the documentation and working through a few examples I have a much better understanding of it. I’m not much of a terminal junkie…so it’s definitely daunting! I’ve been primarily working in the GUI application because I feel much more comfortable with it. I’d definitely like to get a better understanding of the command line though. I was able to fork the repo and commit my changes (adding my .yaml file)…I’m not seeing it on the course homepage though. I assume the professor needs to approve the commit before it shows up.

That’s all for now! Hopefully these posts will be a bit more interesting in the future!