meetup 2

by Lance Laughlin

As a class we hit up It’s a local Python enthusiasts group that meets at U of R. This is the second time we’ve gone to this meetup, the first time being last month. Every group in the class were to present their proposed final projects. We were actually the first group to present at the event. Our project name is forthcoming (RIP Math Blasternauts).

The one great thing about having to present at was that we got to start meeting with our groups for the first time. It was definitely beneficial to get together and hash out most of the details and have everything in an organized manner. However, it think it would have been better to present at a later time. Each group only had a very general overview of their projects. Though, due to timing issues (pff. semesters) things don’t always go as planned. It would have been nice to show some actual code and maybe working prototypes. Aside from that it went pretty well.

We are one of the few teams working on a completely brand new game. While this is a daunting task I think we have a pretty solid and well rounded team. Now that we have the XOs and we’ve started to get everything set up (still pending a bit on my end) we can really start to dig into the actual production. While I’m not a huge fan of game development, being primarily a web developer, I am definitely looking forward to learning python. It seems like a pretty cool language with a great community.