Mmmm. Pi.

by Lance Laughlin

We took a mini field trip to the MAGIC Center today to a get a bit of a treat; A Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit:

I’ve been eye-balling a Pi for quite some time. I debated buying one while on break but decided to hold off to get one provided by RIT. We all arrived and received our Pis pretty quickly and began digging in. We mostly went over all the components to make sure everything that was supposed to be in the kit actually was in the kit.

Now this is the first time I’ve even seen a Raspberry Pi in person, let alone code on one. Upon doing a bit more research about the Raspberry Pi I’ve began to understand how everything works together. For my New Media Team Project my group is likely going to use an Arduino to do some physical computing which lead me to this pretty good overview article for a beginner:
Turns out that the Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer whereas the Arduino is a micro-computer. In essence, the Pi is basically a very tiny PC while the Arduino simply aids in electronic projects. Understanding that difference has helped me quite a bit.

I’m exciting to finally get mine booted up; Unfortunately I need to get my hands on an HDMI monitor and a keyboard. This is the first time in my college career that not having a desktop environment has been an inconvenience. Regardless, it will be fun to get started!