Community Contriubtion #1

by Lance Laughlin

For Advanced FOSS we were tasked with doing a community contribution in some form. I decided that I would update a couple Wikipedia pages since it wasn’t something I’ve done before and I was interested in how everything worked. I’ve come to learn that editing a Wikipedia page is very easy…perhaps too easy. My first Wiki edit was for the upcoming PS4 exclusive: Infamous: Second Son’s. It was officially revealed today that the game would be 24GB for the digital download of the game. There was some discussion about it on the PS4 subreddit and it apparently was some news released a couple weeks ago; however, a large debate that has happened between early PS4 buyers (like myself) is the amount of space these next-gen games are taking up. When early games like Killzone, Battlefield 4 and NBK 2k14 came out and were packing a beefy 40GB data size many people began talking about whether the 500GB HDD was big enough. This isn’t only an issue for those who are digital buys because when you first insert a new game into the system all of the disk contents are automatically downloaded to your HDD. So I thought it could be benefitial to add that to the wiki article for the game. I know that often when I want to know some info about something I’ll google “whatever wiki” in order to get a full overview of the thing. Here is a revision history for the edit:

The second article I updated was for a widget that is used across all pages related to the Miami Dolphins (my favorite football team). It was big news today that the Dolphins had resigned their star corner back (one of the guys that guards the wide receivers), Brent Grimes. I originally checked Brent Grimes wiki page to see if someone had added it. Things move fast on the internet so I loss my shot; however, I did notice at the bottom of his page there was a Dolphins roster widget which still had him listed as a free agent. Woohoo! So I went ahead and changed that so it listed him under the active roster:

Overall this was a pretty easy task. I was surprised how easy it was to edit a Wiki page. I’d always heard about it being easy but I didn’t expect it to be SO EASY for anyone to edit a wiki article, heck you don’t even need to log in (though your IP is logged). This has definitely made me more weary to trust everything I read on Wikipedia and I’ll probably make it a habit to check the source. I use Wikipedia multiple times a day to look up generally random facts; however, I also consult it for homeworky type things; therefore, it’s really important that I’m not reading something fictional.

I will probably continue to update Wiki articles as I see fit in the future. It’s definitely a cool idea that so many people can contribute to common knowledge; however, I think it would better if there was a better process in place for editing: like forcing a login and perhaps a reputation system.