RocPy live from PyCon

by Lance Laughlin

This month at RocPy was a bit different than usual. Generally, we have lecture like sessions where one of the members will give an overview of some Python goodness. However, this time around we were lucky enough to have our Advanced FOSS professor, Remy, video chat into the meetup live from PyCon. PyCon is basically the Mecca of the Python world. As far as my knowledge goes, it the most highly attended Python even that exists. Many of the FOSS students at RIT also tagged along for the trip.

PyCon consisted of Remy interviewing a number of folks in the Python community and we were able to do some Q+A with them which was pretty rad. It’s difficult to remember the names of everyone (Most I hadn’t known the person but I knew some of the projects they talked about). One that stands out to me is a man who worked at Mozilla, he was part of the Firefox OS team which I thought was pretty awesome (I’d love to check it out). One person worked on creating open data sets (something that I currently have in the works myself) which I found interesting. The rest of the guests were general Python enthusiasts who made a variety of tools and utilities.

I really enjoyed this RocPy! It was a nice change of pace from the usual meetings and was very informative!